The joy of old hard drives

In my 2022 revamping of… all the things… I’ve gone through 20 or so years worth of assorted digital assets*, and I am feeling pretty happy about looking over decades worth of work. On the one hand, a reasonable amount of it stands up scrutiny even now, and that’s exciting. On the other hand, I can definitely see an arc of improvement in not only my own approach and execution, but also in the sheer effectiveness of the hardware. Here’s an oldie from 2010:

Noisy sensor and it was edited for print, not monitor, but, I ain’t mad at it!

This was shot with my trusty old Canon Rebel XT. For some reason, it stopped shooting RAW fairly early in its life, so all I have from this era is JPGs. That said, I’m kinda surprised by how much I like the images, noise, chromatic aberrations and all! I think this was shot with my old favorite 35-105 lens, which was a very flattering portrait lens.

*cleaning up my pile of old hard drives…

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